Learn Photography 1 on 1

We consider photography as a true art form and much more than just learning about cameras, lenses and accessories. Our 1 on 1 sessions help you learn photography and unearth a completely different layer within you to see things differently.

Photography as an art form is more about storytelling, light, color, contrast and composition, ultimately helping you to create a body of work you can be proud to showcase. Your camera, lenses and lights are just tools that aid you in that pursuit.

Another very important factor in creating pictures today is post processing. It is very easy to completely destroy a good picture with bad editing and on the other hand an ordinary picture can be enhanced to look much better with requisite skills. Our sessions focus equally on this aspect too.

Whether it be landscapes, portraiture, street, wildlife, weddings, lighting or any other genre, we are geared to help you. Reach out to us via email at thirdeyestudio.net@gmail.com to customize your learning process and more details. Most sessions are virtual with our mentor, with plenty of practice exercises, projects and feedback sessions.

Whatsapp: +1 512 924 9902

Sample Courses:

    • Basic Photography
    • Analog/Film Photography
    • Large Format Photography
    • Street Photography
    • Portraiture
      • Natural Light
      • Studio
    • Advanced Lighting-Indoor and Outdoor
    • Storytelling in Weddings
    • Wildlife Photography
    • Shooting Landscapes

and many more. We can talk about your specific need and customize.

About the Mentor:

Subramanian PV (PV) is a CA and MIT Sloan Alumnus. Having started his career with GE, he has held various leadership roles in corporates, during a career spanning 20 years. In 2017 he founded www.kitkarma.com, India’s first safe, peer to peer, photo/video equipment sharing platform and currently runs it.

PV has been a photographer for the last 31 years and commercially active for the last 10 years as an international wedding and portrait photographer. He is a well known figure in the photography industry. He is a brand ambassador for Sigma and is a mentor for two global brands, in India, namely Profoto and Ilford Films. He still shoots Analog alongside digital, especially in Large Format. He is an avid follower of the photography industry and a commentator on the ever changing photography landscape and its impact on the art. His work can be seen on  www.thirdeyestudio.net and  www.mirrorlessness.com.

His latest venture is Rolling Tusker Films (@rolling_tusker_films), a premium, wedding film production company.



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