You are planning your wedding and you scour Instagram and other Social Media platforms to see Wedding Social Media Trends for wedding décor, photography, films etc to make sure your wedding is trendy. Well, there is a problem…

The problem is trends die. Trends change and they become stale beyond a point. Are you sure you want what you see, or do you want it simply because the current trends gather a lot of social media following?

Trends are temporary. True art is timeless. How do you distinguish between art and trend? Let’s take Wedding Photography for example:

  1. The first sign of ‘trendy pictures’ is that when you scroll through social media you see a disproportionate amount of similar looking wedding pictures. A great example is this ‘bright and airy’ editing style which has been trending for a while. Skies are blown out and hardly have detail, the couple (if not edited well) look bleached, some of the pictures lack contrast and even composition, BUT hey, they are trendy. The problem is that over a period these pictures will not look the same in your eyes. As trends change you will find the current trend boring.
  2. Artistic photographs have four key elements, light, color, contrast, and composition. Light need not mean even lighting across the frame. It means lighting the elements which need attention. Shadows play a huge part in well-lit pictures. Color schemes matter, color contrast matters. And overall, compositional elements matter.
  3. Trendy picture looks are created post shooting, mostly at the edit and retouching table. Artistic pictures need experience and planning at the time of shooting. Look for the four key elements listed in the point above. If any of them are missing, it is a giveaway that the picture was created on the edit table.
  4. Artistic pictures are sprinkled with elements from other genres of photography and paintings like layers in documentary street photography, figure ground relationship, spot lighting in films, lighting style like Baroque paintings etc.

If you’re truly looking for bespoke, luxury, artistic wedding pictures, do not fall for the ‘trendy trap’. It will simply make your wedding pictures just another set of wedding pictures.

Have a happy wedding!


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