What is a photographer’s style?

As a couple seeking a wedding photographer you might hear the phrase ‘photography style’. Have you ever wondered what is ‘style’?

Most couples select their photographer based on the pictures they see on the website or the photographer’s social media. If they like the pictures AND the pricing is amenable, then they shortlist the photographer and start negotiations. And that is absolutely fine.

But here’s what you need to understand about ‘photography style’:

Most photographers with less than about a decade of experience have no style. What they loosely term as style is a recipe for shooting and mostly editing preset which gives their pictures a particular ‘look’. Some use flash, some use natural light, some use long focal length, some use wide, most photographers shoot at wide open apertures to get ‘bokeh’ or background blur.

All these are things which any decent photographer can manage and can hardly be termed as style.

So what is style:

Style lies more in composition, the arrangement of elements in a series of pictures which convey a common theme and/or look and feel. When you see ‘style’ you would be able to immediately jump and recognize the photographer who shot that image and say, ‘THIS is him or her’.

Style is consistent, style is a differentiator. While being consistent it is not boring. Style evolves over time. It takes a photographer years to even realize that he/she has a style.

Check the work of Twomann Studios, Cristiano Ostinelli, Victor Lax. You can recognize their work the moment you see one of their pictures.

Tips for Couples:

  1. Seek good photographers with experience, rather than a particular look and feel. Good photographers can amend their style to match your liking, your lighting conditions, décor, ambience and feel of your wedding. Talk to them to understand and see more of their work.
  2. Photographers who shoot more genres than just wedding can be more flexible and have the ability to adapt. Look for photographers who have shot streets, fashion, portraits etc, apart from weddings. They can give a whole new twist to the way they see and shoot.
  3. If you’re looking for true candid wedding photographers look at their portfolio to see the percentage of hit and miss moments they capture and how aesthetic them make those look. Most beginners will ‘spray and pray’ rather than anticipate moments and capture the decisive moment.
  4. Good photographers will also help you decide the whole visual appeal of your wedding if you let them to and if they have the command over colors, lighting and costumes. This helps you to create a cohesive look for your pictures.
  5. Lastly, allocate a decent percentage of your budget for photography. Everything else is temporary, only pictures remain with you forever to remind you of the greatest day of your life. Avoid saying ‘our budget is limited as we overspent on other aspects’.

Have a great wedding 


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