I love black and white, my son (4 years old) loves color. He often sees a black and white picture and asks me, ‘can you make it color’?


I have always believed that black and white takes away the stress on your brain to see, digest and interpret color and convert it to an emotion. With black and white it is all about the emotion as the greyscale, I feel, is not stressing one’s brain


That is till I started seeing the world differently. My friend Sachin Meerpagar from Pune had a great influence on my conversion as a color lover. You can see his amazing work here https://www.facebook.com/sachin.meerpagar/photos_albums. Some amazing abstract paintings and color combinations. Even his real world photographs use color combinations beautifully and have a painterly rendering


I also started sifting through a lot of painters and their use of colors and combination of colors. It also helps having some painters live near you like Tapas Ray, an economist and painter par excellence


Thus began my tryst with seeing colors in the real world and here are a few samples of what I am compiling. What helps is the amazing technology in contemporary camera sensors which capture color so beautifully and thanks to film presets in plugins like VSCO and Nik Software which bring out the best in those sensors and give an organic film like feel to the digital pictures


Here is a collection. What do you feel. Leave you comments below. Share, like and spread color


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