Wedding Art

In Digital and on Film

Sculpted as permanent memories to cherish forever

Experience Matters

15+ years, hundreds of weddings in India and the US. Tamil, American, Telugu, UP, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Kannada, Kerala, Gujarati and many more.

Our documentary style makes your narrative cohesive and tells a story. Our fine art portraits make your wedding look ethereal.

What's more, we can shoot your wedding seamlessly in both Digital and with Film - The best of two worlds if you so desire.

You're in safe hands.







We are Unique!


We are artists. Experience helps us adapt to your style of Wedding and the look and feel you desire out of your pictures.

If you're looking for your Wedding to be shot on Film or a full Black and White specialty shoot, we are ready!

You just have to tell us your preference.


We don't thrust packages at you. True luxury is in customizing for what you need and how you need it. We don't oversell.

Our expertise spans across shooting and handmade archival printing.


We work with you to design your decor, lighting your venue and costume selection with a view to get the best visual result from your wedding shoot. How many other photographers can pull that off?


Since the time we started in the late 2000s, we have never offered packages.

Our clients love the fact that we customize and price exactly for what the client needs and don't upsell things that they don't need. This also helps them manage their budget better.

Short answer, Yes. We shoot primarily in India and the US but are open to travel. We have dedicated teams in India and US to shoot your event without inflating your budget.

Thus far in the US we have shot in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Detroit

In India we have shot in Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Bareily, Rajahmundry, Ongole and Madurai 

Yes. Rolling Tusker Films is founded by the same founders and we work together with the filmers. 

Check for ultra creative films. films are also available to view in the individual wedding albums on this site.

Yes, on a case to case basis. To shoot an entire wedding on film, some prerequisites exist. We can talk about it and decide together what works best for you.

Yes. We believe that the final result of a good photograph should be a tangible print you can hold in hand, frame and hang on the wall or a photo book on your coffee table for guests to see.

We custom design wedding albums and get them printed for you.

We also specialize in archival quality (archival prints last over a hundred years without fading) prints in various sizes. 

Another speciality of ours is Platinum Palladium printing. This is an analog, monochromatic process from the 1800s with unparalleled tonality and longevity. Platinum Palladium prints last over hundreds of years without fading as they are coated with noble metals.

Meet the  


PV has been a photographer for over 30 years. He has represented prestigious photography brands like Profoto, Sigma and Ilford. He has been a mentor to many a photographer and conducted innumerable workshops.

PV is a master craftsman when it comes to lighting. He prides himself in shooting seamlessly between digital and film, develops his own film and is a master digital and analog printer. He still uses archival printing processes from the 1800s namely Platinum Palladium, Kallitype and Salt Printing. 


A self taught photographer, Manish believes in constant evolution, being in touch with the latest developments in photography and how technology can add value to creativity.

He is one of the earliest wedding photographers to move to a digital medium format camera and is also passionate about designing and printing.

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