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As I write this it would be 28 years since I held my first camera, and I am still juggling between guiding photography aspirants and my own evolution as a consummate photographer. The technicalities hardly take time in mastering, it’s the Art that takes a lifetime or a few

For a person who said ‘no wedding photography’ to become a wedding photographer is a transformation that was a resultant of the experience in a number of genres during those formative years. To us ‘wedding photography’ is not a stand alone genre. It is an amalgamation of photojournalism, portraiture, beauty, studio, fashion, landscape, food and so many others in one finite span of time. In this website you will see various styles of wedding pictures, customized for our clients. What goes into your wedding or pre wedding is not just our experience as wedding photographers but the years spent in mastering different styles of photography that can give you a flavour of all or any such genres during the span of one wedding

When we as a team cover, we are almost under cover. It is a silent observation of the narrative, an unobtrusive chronicle of your most important day. We use natural and ambient light. We do not carry huge rigs and massive lenses but our tools are unique in the sense that they blend with our style and deliver stunning results

We make pictures…Weddings, family shoots, portraits, couple shoots, events…anything…all we seek is creativity in what we do. We let people be themselves, we seldom ask people to pose, we believe in free spirit and our pictures are testimony to that

We travel, we shoot, we let our imagination fly and we take you along and help create some pictures to cherish for a lifetime

So if you want something “different” call us at:

+917397725113 (PV)

+12013150681 (Manish)

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  • Thank you Subramanian PV for such a beautiful post-wedding photoshoot. Only an artist so deeply invested in his trade can take photos so beautifully outdoors, outside of a studio environment. And make the best out of a cloudy day with zero control over the lighting situation. And that too without so much as an assistant or a reflector. We had a great time that day, and it was totally worth waking up at 2:30am for this outdoor photoshoot

    Sowmya and Rajesh
  • My wedding pictures look like a fairytale. PV is a true professional. That reflects not only when working with him, but from the moments he captures as well. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to be able to look at their pictures, and be taken back to that very same moment — he’s just that good!

    Maegan and Shea
  • My husband and I were unsure and nervous on how we would capture the candid moments of our special, uniting day. I knew I needed someone that could take the stress away of capturing the moments we wanted to live forever on film. After attending a friend’s wedding and experiencing first-hand how PV can disappear, working seamlessly in the background while he captures beautiful, stunning candid moments, I knew that he could capture our happy moments too. He delivered high quality photography work that is incomparable and exceeded our expectations. We experience a beatific remembrance of nostalgia when we look at his work. His photography is exceptional and I would recommend PV’s visually picturesque abilities that far exceeds the talents of many photographers, to anyone.

    Erin and JD Wilson
  • PV — met him on my bus journey from Bangalore to Chennai. We got talking and talking and stumbled upon photography and HDRs, WDRs and the works! Little did I know I would go running to him 24 hours before the wedding for the event’s candid shots. As you see, what he has managed to pull off is truly phenomenal, especially with all the last minute introductions and communicating expectations etc. PV is easily one of the most unassuming, sensitive, in-tune personalities I have ever known – not to forget his stellar professionalism! We have so many many gorgeous candid shots from him (ones that include the near and dear family as well) – he has redefined candids altogether. Every time I look at them, I wonder how he managed capturing those “blink and miss” moments. In our times full of talk and show — PV has completely under played and over delivered that too with such passion and dedication. I am thrilled that something so good came out of my usually boring bus travels. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures — we could not have been more beautiful! We will continue to watch you grow and capture many more wonders.

    Lots of wishes, love and fun your way.

    Radhika Anant
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