I gave up zoom lenses for wedding shoots long ago. The only zooms I have now are for ultra wide angle and if shooting video. For photography and especially wedding shoots I rely on 35, 50 and 75/85mm primes. The advent of Mirrorless Cameras opened up infinite possibilities of combining cameras and lenses. No more is one forced to use Canon lenses on Canon cameras and Nikon on Nikon. Nor do we need to rely on Tamron/Sigma/Tokina reverse engineering

My pre ordered A7RII arrived and I was excited to see how it would tackle a wedding shoot. Well I was pretty confident as the A7R had never let me down but never on the A7R had I used a native Sony/Zeiss lens and now I had a couple of them, the 35 1.4 and the 55 1.8 so after almost 2 years of shooting manual focus only I was excited to get back to the AF arena

So for this wedding I carried the following with lenses attached:

A7RII+Sony Zeiss 35 1.4
A7R+Leica 75 1.4 (The God Lens)
Leica M+Canon 50 0.95 (The Dream Lens)
Olympus OMD EM5 MKII+Panasonic 7-14 f4

No, normally I would not carry 4 Cameras…maybe 2 cameras with 3-4 lenses but I wanted to try everything this time. The idea was this-shoot the wedding primarily with the A7RII+35 1.4 combination (about 70% of the pictures), shoot portraits and candid moments with the A7R+God Lens combo (20%), shoot some special couple shots with the Leica M+Dream Lens combo (7%) and some ultra wide shots with the Olympus (3%)

So at any given point in time I was carrying only 2 cameras on my body

A7RII+Sony Zeiss 35 1.4: If this combo were a woman she would be the ultimate temptress. Swift focus, great sharpness wide open, pleasing soft Bokeh. The only nitpicking would be the size of the lens but then sometimes you just don’t care about the size do you 😉

A7R+Leica 75 1.4 (The God Lens) and the Canon 50 0.95 (The Dream Lens): Well, well let the pictures speak for themselves but I just love the focus peaking on the Sony cameras and how they aid manual focusing. I have hardly missed shots due to focus issues (less than 5%) and the rendering of this combo is just magic

Leica M+Canon 50 0.95 (The Dream Lens) and A7R+The Dream Lens: Now this is special. The Dream Lens focuses beautifully using the EVF on the Leica M, Focus Peaking helps on Sony. It is very easy to miss focus at 0.95

Olympus+Panny 7-14: Did not use this much but have shot this combo on other occasions and it rocks


Check out the pictures in the link below. Like, share, comment!!!

Maegan and Shea

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