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  • Thank you Subramanian PV for such a beautiful post-wedding photoshoot. Only an artist so deeply invested in his trade can take photos so beautifully outdoors, outside of a studio environment. And make the best out of a cloudy day with zero control over the lighting situation. And that too without so much as an assistant or a reflector. We had a great time that day, and it was totally worth waking up at 2:30am for this outdoor photoshoot

    Sowmya and Rajesh
  • My wedding pictures look like a fairytale. PV is a true professional. That reflects not only when working with him, but from the moments he captures as well. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to be able to look at their pictures, and be taken back to that very same moment — he’s just that good!

    Maegan and Shea
  • My husband and I were unsure and nervous on how we would capture the candid moments of our special, uniting day. I knew I needed someone that could take the stress away of capturing the moments we wanted to live forever on film. After attending a friend’s wedding and experiencing first-hand how PV can disappear, working seamlessly in the background while he captures beautiful, stunning candid moments, I knew that he could capture our happy moments too. He delivered high quality photography work that is incomparable and exceeded our expectations. We experience a beatific remembrance of nostalgia when we look at his work. His photography is exceptional and I would recommend PV’s visually picturesque abilities that far exceeds the talents of many photographers, to anyone.

    Erin and JD Wilson

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